come back from new york with incredibly painful feet and sit down to pennintouch with molten/leaden heart. because my grades suck, just like they always have. re: everything i want to be...i'm not a good student/daughter/friend/girlfriend/passerby. maybe i need to be lonely for a long time. someday, according to popular belief, i'll look back and dismiss probably 75% of my college life with an airy tralala. but i'd rather not have to dismiss anything at all if that is possible. because it's so late and i can't stand myself for never trying hard. and for putting myself in situations where i can't try hard. because i don't care. but i should. and i will.

this is what i ate today:
bagel w/ c.c.
chicken burrito and salad
espresso shake
something else, which i can't remember.

cheers to anand's directorial debut! and me being an idiot, and PURCHASING a bouquet of lilacs. oh city folk :^P [green acres theme]...