not that late, but feel like i ought to sleep 'so i can pack tomorrow'. hmmm...chris is asleep in lisa/rachel's room w/ my comforter :^P stuff is in that unpacked disarray state, i ate today:

houston hall pasta (basta!)
popeyes 2 strip snack
diet coke

tonight was the belle and sebastian show, it felt really homey and pretentious, but the band members were honestly really nice-seeming and cute. and so many! though i'm confused as to how we missed the opening band completely, coming only 40 minutes late...maybe i'm wrong. but. i bought a t-shirt, which looks pretty grotty now that i REALLY look at it. maybe i'll sneak into the ny/dc(!) show and be all like "oh...i just bought this...can i?..." on an escapade :^D

david...together forever.