i'm going to write an overblown, underinteresting lot, because recently i am obsessed with the quotidian quidditas :^P of course not, my life is just boring in a very detail-oriented way! i'm home in poughkeepsie now, and since my school computer is being kind of crankycrazy, i'm in the computer room, watching metro ny (christina ha needs just a lil more charisma, ahem). i might go to new york tomorrow, which inevitably means that no such trip to new york will occur.

the proctor and gamble people e-mailed me for their summer camp in marketing, but i'd have to take another week off of my internship, so i'm a little hesitant. at the same time, i know i'm going to want to get out of DC (and into cincinnati?!) and of course i jump at anything which could possibly mean ... knowing what a life in marketing would entail. or networking. or whatever.

speaking of my internship, i picked up a copy of kiplinger today and it's much prettier and friendly than i thought, though maybe not 1. hustler or 2. kissinger, as connie thought. "i know what it is!!" no one is in poughkepsie, but we now have mtv 2 which means that i am being completely lazy (currently lauryn hill unplugged). i've read 1/2 of the laura ingalls wilder series for the 45th time, and watched stuart little and bits of notting hill. i have SO not packed, but today i took out marigold to the supermarket to buy shampoo (one of my major quandaries recently = that most shampoos contain sulfates, which are lathering agents, which strip your hair. which sounds so bad. not that it probably makes any difference in my life, but armed with this knowledge i feel entitled to a sulfate-free shampoo. all the same i bought herbal essences fruit fusions hydrating shampoo and pray for the best. at home we have a wildberry conditioner which really works even though ... okay i don't give a fuck about my hair. i might cut my bangs tomorrow, though).

and as i was looking through my study abroad stuff (the reason for a possible trip to ny is to get a student visa for france) i was extremely irritated because my advisor had written instructions for filling out the forms in french. firstly, her french is not that good. secondly, if we don't know what to do, we're screwed anyway, so er? thirdly, god, i can't read french, why are you putting us through this annoyance?

i also bought a copy of nylon (what a stupid thing to link, sorry) but it really is comfy and good to read and all DIY...i don't mind that!