Never Full and Never Hungry

Something about being at home flips a switch in my appetite.

Such that it is always on.  It doesn't really matter what I've eaten during the day, or how my food habits have been.  As soon as I get back into the house where I grew up, my stomach expands into a bottomless pit.  To wit, since coming home five hours ago, I've eaten:
  • 2 crab-stuffed shrimp(?!)
  • barley and vegetable soup
  • pomegranate chocolate torte
  • tofu casserole with rice and kimchee
  • a sweet potato
  • cauliflower and chestnut gratin
  • 3 glasses of red wine
  • cheese cubes
Perhaps more?  Well, I just ate another bowl of the soup.  And I just took out two pies out of the oven, so I might cut myself a sliver of one, just to taste.  

I always think that it'll subside by the next day, but then it doesn't.  Maybe this time?  

When I get nervous, my brain prompts me to say the second or third thing it thinks, and not the first.  I'm playing against instinct most of the time.  It can be confusing to auditors,  to say nothing of myself.  It is extremely distasteful.

Also ... I'm absolutely petrified now, watching the coverage of terrorist attacks in Mumbai.  I saw one man say that he saw "bloodshed and all that" in a way that was eerily familiar to me. Oh, and a man who just put his mother on a plane to Mumbai said, "I'm a little concerned, but I told her to use her wits."  Did they make a point to only interview the most flippant Indians they could find, or is flippancy just a built-in feature of English as spoken in India?  

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