Rainy Day Music

Of course, we used to drive around, and all the time.  It breaks my heart now a little, to think of all the gas that we burned up, driving from Poughkeepsie to Rhinebeck, or New Paltz, and back - sometimes in circles because there was really so little else for us to do.  I wonder whether kids are allowed to even do that anymore.  An expensive habit now.

It's kind of a given in our reliquaried memories of those days that we listened endlessly to Weezer.  We each championed other music, of course.  Let's say, The Flaming Lips for Anand, Solex for Andrew, Belle and Sebastian, somewhat weakly, for me.  Phoenix later, probably when we came home the summer after freshman year.  But pretty consistently, I think we listened to, and would say now, that we listened to, Weezer.

I just came inside after taking out the garbage for collection.  Wet yellow leaves freckle the sidewalk, and drizzly roars come from cars making their way down Atlantic Avenue.  I put Summerteeth on, and it somehow reminds me more immediately of that time.  Listening to Pieholden Suite makes me remember nights spent looking out the window of Anand's car, watching the lights of Route 9 flicker by.  Summerteeth came out in March of 1999, so it's been nearly ten years.  It doesn't sound like music from ten years ago, which makes me glad.