Une idee quelconque

I drove from Poughkeepsie to Weston, VT yesterday to pay a visit to V and K at Kinhaven, and to treat myself! The sight of verdant mountain ranges as I zipped up the Taconic (wow, HIGHLY recommended over the NYS Thruway route in terms of scenery and traffic-free experience). The knockout smell of the air, heady with growing things. The flat, sweet taste of Vermont tapwater...and the round, sweet taste of banana pudding! And the mystical harmonies of music campers singing bellsongs before lights out.

Completely necessary. I feel so gratified to be able to make these spontaneous getaways! I was/am getting a little sick, and breathless, and worn down by the petty politics (of work) and endless hilarious disappointments (of life). Now I'm back in Poughkeepsie, idly turning over the pages of books, eating the farm fresh produce I brought back, and pondering whether I could do this without bungles. Feeling ready for some BIG decisions and whittling down of self. For August.