Chain of Events

If I were truly assiduous, I would transcribe all the text messages I sent last night to hilarious and frightening effect.

But...I only have my email inbox handy.

Me on getting to Srirpraphai early/on time: "we can make the 10 [showing of Tropic Thunder] as long as people actually do show up at 8. so, you snooze you lose. we're not gonna save any crispy duck salad for you."

Then the mistakes started. I got on the train at Hoyt-Schermerhorn at 7:10 and got on the G train going to Queens. was actually the A train going out to JFK. I realized my mistake by Broadway Junction, and got out on the A going in the other direction. was the A train going out to the Far Rockaways. Eeeek! I made it as far as 80th Street before I realized my second mistake and headed back to Broadway Junction.

Whereupon I got on the L, to transfer to the G (finally!), and then the 7. And ran all the way from the stop to Sripraphai, an hour late and with visions of crispy duck salad whirling through my head.

Once I got there, I ate my chili chicken dish really fast to try and compensate for lateness.

Oh yes, the novel I was reading on the train - Blindness.

The food was great, though. Worth it!