Steely-Eyed Clarity

Wow, so steely-eyed these days!

Anyway, am out in San Francisco for the weekend, and upcoming week, for a sales conference.

The weather's been sunny in all the microclimates I've traversed, although I don't think I hit all 9 in any given day. Also, predictably - cold. I really hope they give us hoodies again at the sales conference. Such a great call last year, since San Francisco is always even COLDER than you imagine it possibly could be.

The weekend has been nice. I like the ability to wander alone down uncrowded streets, or through sun-dappled green areas. Not anything I really enjoy, but refreshing. Oh, and to purchase books.

At the bookstore near Tony's place, I picked up first Cryptonomicon, then Uncommon Arrangements (about seven marriages in English Modernist society), and then finally, Quentin Bell's biography of Virginia Woolf. A little grateful that it exists, and surprised never to have read it before! I finished the biography while riding on buses (something I really do enjoy!) and drinking delicious coffee (pretty fun), and just finished the marriages book as well. My mind feels suffused and shaky with the turbulent nature of Western Europe in the early 20th century.

The wandering (iPod-less, per my new appreciation for ambient awareness) afforded me the opportunity to dissect my recurring daydreams these days. Or rather, the issues that are fueling them. And how obvious everything seems when you puzzle it all out! And how easy it will be to move forward, and towards what goals.

To that end, I purchased today: great Kiehls conditioner, a pair of remarkably well-fitting (like, can wear them off the rack!) slim jeans, and espadrilles.