Dead on the Inside...

...a running joke between Manoj and me, although now more broadly applicable as Jenn is getting in on the action. Yesterday at Sunita, the three of us toasted to becoming even more 'dead on the inside' than we are already. It has much less to do with being cavalier, or nihilistic, than with becoming more impervious to the shocks and bruises of life, to which we feel so sensitive. I think it paves the way to some good things. An empty heart yearns to create. And can forget, with time, rejection.

I brought out my camera last night, for some fun. A reason I feel so impatient with Facebook and the kids of today - nothing really happens unless documented and minutely pored over. As in, I'd like to be living in God's good graces, and so am trying to live joyfully and thankfully in every moment of every day. It's not something you can take a photo of!

Today I got a facial. Much needed! Also, Mom and Chris drove down - we ate at Moim. Highly touted, and yet really not as satisfying to the soul as the directness (and bustle) of Kun Jip.