Of course the laziness of cliche.

How about the romance of driving late at night? What's that Magnetic Fields album called again?

Driving late at night recently, I worry about how long it would take the proper authorities to find me if I hydroplaned off the road or somehow flipped over the median. The roads are really so deserted. But only if, say, I'm not thrilling to the reckless handling of my Accord. And marvelling at how wonderful WPRB can be. Or WXPN. Or Hot 97. And how no one can worry for me as the wind tries to blow me off the road.

Cars really do come to resemble their owners! If you see my car you'll know what I mean.

Things change so quickly. Like how Natasha from Sex and ze City is now the cuckqueaned (oh god, I'm so so serious or at least James Joyce is) wife on Six Degrees of Separation.