let it be known/the waves

not the waves in the usual sense that i would be talking about the waves (if you can guess what that would be).

i'm talking about the waves of self loathing and self feeling okay about ... self.

this was my first week of work after four unstable but generally blissful and hardly ever desperate years of college, one amusingly brutal year of teaching english in a foreign country, and two weeks of orientation. which, i have to say were probably like my NSO like people say this is nish's freshman year of college.

but so anyway...i don't like my haircut either too much. tomoko cut my bangs soo short and i (too late) said "i don't know if this is too late, but could you keep them a little bit long?" she kind of laughed and left the outer edges of my bangs longer, which looks pretty stupid.

that had a huge impact on my first week of work.


oh and not having a car sucks too. but that will change, i hope...soon..."any day now"...