today is the day i'm trying to boost my ego. because i still look so fat in my bridesmaid's dress. why is it that this dress fits me in precisely such a way that i look fat in ways i've never thought i've looked fat before? you will just have to guess what these ways are, unless i see you at the wedding :^P

anyway - i'm going to be in a diet-unfriendly environment going on a roadtrip with dana and then moving into the boys' apartment. but at least i have a set date that i'm working towards. and after all, it's not like i have anything else to do with my life for the next month besides improve myself in every way! so why don't i do it?

i just figured out how to do lots of things on my iPod that made me very happy :^) and i just bought it this cute case to reward it for making me so's red, to match my planner! and soon new earphones too, because that is way more urgent. the earphones that came with it are totally falling apart and i had to scotch tape the rubber casing together at the place where the wires split.

this is the most boring post ever!!