i'm not sure what jet lag means, exactly.

but as a result of the time difference between NY and korea (13 hrs) i have been alone and awake with the crickets, awake every night this week. or not even this week. 5 days, or whatever.

it is so weird that i've not even been back a full week yet! despite the insomnia, i already feel myself emerging from the grumpy mood i was in. perhaps attributable to the totally praiseworthy gym schedule that i'm on now! so much of my body is sore, i love it. it's only at times like these that i'm really conscious of having a body, as opposed to a body shaped robot that i control. yes, like krang.

okay, i've been sitting at this computer too long. i tried extra hard to overexert myself today, so i hope i can fall asleep quickly...so i can wake up and spend some money.