finally! pictures!

oh blogger. so fresh and so clean and so idiot proof!

anyway, this first of many pictures to come is of me in tokyo, getting made over at the bobbi brown counter. carolyn and i thought it a brilliant plan to spend an hour having this done during our limited stay, because japanese women have really good makeup skills. you probably can't tell from looking at the picture, but i have gold eyeshadow on! and my lip gloss is "nectarine".

unfortunately, you will have to wait for me to re-visit a bobbi brown counter to see what "nectarine" looks like on me, because i have not recovered my makeup bag from narita airport, which is where i lost it two days ago. how apropos? tokyo is a selfish mistress.

if i sound slightly delusional and nonconsequential, it's because it's 5:30 am and i am so jetlagged that i am posting on blogger rather than sleeping so i can wake up nice and early for my 12 pm personal training appointment tomorrow! at gold's gym. which is surprisingly female friendly! i hope it is fat people friendly, too.

or maybe i'm not jetlagged - maybe it's the two bottles of diet coke i drank tonight in lieu of eating.

crap, i'm stupid.

anyway, better go downstairs and get the alarm clock. i need to take a shower tomorrow morning. my first since saturday morning korea time...that means friday, US time. crap, i'm stupid.

well, enough insomnia. i'm going to save a better and more coherent post for tomorrow, when the euphoria/neuralgia of my first workout in weeks is coursing through my veins and i feel the need to document that, too.