clothes i have lost

today i was looking at my friendster pictures and i remembered that i totally own this pair of skinny jeans from miss sixty. point being that i have recently been looking for a pair of skinny jeans that are exactly like those jeans. but i thought maybe i've lost them. i really don't know where they are ... if at home i don't remember seeing them over winter break.

that brings me to the topic of clothes i have lost and how devastating it can be because you only really lose the things you like to wear, no? and like, it's sad that i own "so many clothes" (but clearly not that many) that i could just forget about those jeans. i bought them in paris for thirty bucks; they were too long for me so i hacked off the bottoms. i wore them to my surprise birthday party junior year! and so i'm like so determined to divest my closets of all extraneous clothes so as to completely circumvent the future loss of loved clothes. noble, noble cause.

clothes i have lost that i am aware of losing, and that were very important to me:
  1. the whole suitcase full of camel hair coats, grey "there's" hooded coats, black fcuk concert skirts, and anthropologie halter dresses during move-out of HRN sophomore year. all my finest pieces crammed into one green suitcase and unceremoniously abandoned on a hot may morning. dumb, dumb, dumb. and now "there's" is all corporate and overpriced.
  2. my pink raincoat when i was in kindergarten; probably my favorite article of clothing ever
  3. um, maybe the miss sixty jeans. in the tone of luke skywalker frustrated at C-3PO: "where could they BE?"
  4. this fitted grey hoodie from urban outfitters which i wore whenever possible the first two years of college...the "ultimate layering piece" if you will
  5. my nike yoga pants, this summer, in chuncheon
  6. my teal tank top, ditto
  7. and there's more, but maybe this will be a post that i continuously edit for like 5 more years. i have time.

i should mention "rel" quick that i hate my school for ignoring my opinions and generally treating me like a child. from now on, in the words of duncan, i will be aloof. cordial, but aloof. i'm outta here in 18 weeks or so...i think i can make it.