the beginning of the end

i'm back in korea and happy about a few things, sad about a few things. let's start with sad, because that's the kind of person i am - obsessing over unfortunate events because it's good to keep my brain busy.

  • losing my new digital camera on the LAST day of my trip. where could it possibly be?
  • confronting the huge pile of stuff that i need to unpack and repack to go to jeonju tomorrow...
  • going to jeonju tomorrow and unpacking all that stuff and planning for english camp
  • the loss of my digital camera meaning that it totally makes up for all the stuff i HAVEN'T LOST for a long time
  • austin getting kicked off of project runway but that is not really unique to me, though still really disappointing and like, quells a little bit of the optimism that i had in thailand during the spare moments i could stop to think about project runway

happy things? travelling was incredible; i am a little bit tanner, maybe a little thinner, more worldly wise and i read three books:

White Teeth (Zadie Smith)
The Autograph Man (Zadie Smith)
Herzog (Saul Bellow)

guys, remember when i used to read books? seven years ago? starting to read books while on vacation made me feel so much more open about reading more and more books. and for some reason maybe even writing books. i mean, a week before i left, i had actually bought a copy of Little Women to peruse before getting my wisdom tooth extracted, because i was so anti-readingorexperiencingunexpectednewthings. and now not as much. we will see what happens. this english camp will be unexpected and new, that's for sure.