strange dreams

i've started working out, although i don't know whether a couple of days in succession really qualifies as starting. it always has in the past! but that is my major failing. i seem to be happier "starting" on sundays. today i have not let carbohydrates pass my lips. well i had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, but i think that i will let that be my guilty pleasure.

a few days ago i went to the yoga place near vassar and had a great time! why is it so easy for me to do things that cost money (join gym, pay for pilates, buy picture frames at linens and things, get nice haircuts, buy organic foods) as opposed to things that are free, yet equally productive and enjoyable (clean up room, organize photos, donate clothes to salvation army)? who knows. but now that i have isolated that variable i will dedicate my energy to overcoming it! can't buy me love, etc.

and tomorrow night i'm going to go to the wilco show! and next weekend i'll go back to philly in a cathartic second attempt at selling my old clothes to whoever wants them. and in the meantime ... working out and out and out and eating healthy.

this was a boring post but these are boring times. my strange dreams ... involved the conflation of two unrelated people. tantalized?