have i mentioned earrings before? what i miss about summer camps and study abroads and what i'm looking forward to about the six week orientation at chuncheon, south korea is meeting people and sharing girlish confidences late at night in the dorms. like being an aries. or not having earrings. or whatever. i can't really remember any of them now.

so i don't have earrings ... i mean my ears pierced? but earrings are SO pretty right now, i like can't resist them. but i don't know how to go from being a girl without pierced ears to a girl with. is it a betrayal of core life values? am i just a huge scaredy cat?

why do the geico commercials crack me up every time? and will ferrell. since when did i go from someone who wanted to dress completely unlike anyone to someone who wants to dress just like everyone but better. is it me or everyone who has changed?