i am sitting bemused in front of an empty box of frango chocolates. completely paralyzed by doubt. do i like chocolate or don't i? i've said for a long time that i don't like chocolate. avowed loudly. this is probably because most chocolate that i ate was gorge-able. m&ms or entire hershey's bars. not really good chocolate, and especially not in such huge quantities. i tend to get sugar headaches (to be distinguished from the headaches i get when expected to do anything physical or a scientific lab experiment) after i eat most candy anyway, and so it seemed as though chocolate was not my weakness/true passion/do it to julia whatever. i ate it if it was around, like i eat everything! a good korean girl.

so my future employer (?!?) sent me some lovely chocolates (from marshall field's, which was confusing because i had also applied for jobs there but then cancelled my interview) in four flavors ... and they are all gone. with some help from my roommates of course, but ... who am i? what are my true likes and dislikes? where can i get more chocolate? is my diet ever going to start?