there's a new mike and jill up, which is really cute. go see it! i'm back in philly now, with this bizarre cough that i picked up maybe somehow on the several transcontinental flights i was on last week. it is so annoying. also a runny nose, and an ear infection which seems now to have spread to the other ear...and my outlook express works not at all. this past week or so, i've been trying to sort out the odds and ends which remain to my summer, before ALL these classes and job stuff lands on my head. i have therefore successfully cleaned out our house's refridgerator, sorted out to the point of near completion my bills and stuff, and won took out the nasty wooden contraption in my window, which makes my room look WAY bigger. still left undone: HUGEST laundry pile ever. i'd do it, but i have no quarters. also i haven't been going to the gym religiously. oops. but it's a good start, and so it is in my perpetually battle to regain the fervour and dynamism of former days. i think i'll institute a "no shoes" policy for my room. mm.