i just decorated the house's primary bathroom unilaterally

come see it sometime! yes, i get really bored these hot summer nights. but after eating a bag o' salad and raspberry sherbet, then retreating to my room, i FOUND my sticky tak, and went crazy on all flat satin finish surfaces i could find. and also lysol wiped my CLOSET and ROOM DOORS which were perfectly filthy but not with dirt, with dirty dust. and took off the tapestry-cum-sheet from my bed. it needs washing [ahem]. and replaced it with my comforter, which makes it look cuter and i'll sleep above the comforter and it'll be comforting. and then i did the bathroom with tearouts from nylon and self magazine...they're supposed to be all inspirational and image-related. well duh, magazines, but anyway. yesterday night two special people reminded me that other people can know me better than i know myself, and more to the point, have no qualms about outsmarting me left and right!

yes yes yes
effervescently meaningless