travis - so great, so reminiscent of freshman year. now we're seniors-ish! like, hey day was friday, and it was pretty fabulous, in the drinkin' wine out of water bottles like jesus way. and the exhibitionism, the herd mentality. the dirtiness. dinner at pietro's afterwards (never take the pancetta out of something it's already snuggled inside of) and then...manoj's bro, playstation, and a ksa party where i actually felt okay 4 existing. and then home...and the next day another "time flies when you're having love" kind of day. honestly, we keep looking at the time and it keeps being 2.5 hrs after the last time we've checked. about all we managed to do was bake a cake and wash some dishes together.

meanwhile, today was beautiful. i woke up to a missive signed vercingetorix via babelfish. i shook and shook and shook my head [but it didn't fall off]. why is this allowed? why am i so unworthy? why is the weather so nice? why did i get a bloody nose today?!?