finally downloaded beck's sea change album and i love this bubblecheeked delivery! it's snowing like crazy out here again - if only it were a monday afternoon instead. snow days in college are this insane deux ex machina, so much more so than they ever were in high school. i mean, in college, every day that you have to stir out of your house, you don't know what might befall you...this is so not the case in high school, where surprises and controversies are kind of limited to the school lunch menu. but that's the end of it. so, i bought this black hat yesterday, which is exactly the same as the three bucket-y, shapeless hats i've bought in succession (pink, green, pink/white/straw) but is winter-propriate! and exactly what i need, to make my black and white coat not look like a complete fraud and travesty with my pastelline hat. which gives me a headache to wear, anyway, it's so tight. :^P

about last night...or a few hours ago actually. i'm walking out over a cliff like wiley e. coyote, omg. you always think that words mean nothing, or that words ruin meaning, and now that i'm making a more 'scientific'/'englishtific' study of just that, words as prisms or filters or venetian blinds - it makes me doubt everything! words as masks, capes, and underwear over tights. just as i've always doubted everything - i still don't believe in taking tylenol for headaches, yet i have this unshakeable faith in vitamins. and computers. and jesus. but meanwhile i just don't know why i'm buffeted on all (two) sides by boys who want to be least, i think that's what they want.