okay. wearing my 'kick me' glasses, and it never works for me! i could look in the mirror a dozen times a la querulous narcissus and still not feel okay with wearing glasses in public. so, paris. driving to paris took a long time, especially because of the harrowing peripherique and the rain and my car headache. at that point, we had not really overdosed on haribo candy. we stayed in a pleasantly grimy hostel near the mairie de clichy metro stop, where they serve a light and refreshing orange drink for breakfast, along with those really standard hostel white bread rolls. what did we do? obeying the cheerful suggestions in my let's go france guide paid off for a really great dinner at le petit vatel or something like that. then sleep. then flea market fun, montmartre, complete rejection at the modigliani exhibit at luxembourg, firecracking punks at abbesses, and then the couscous story began. bar royale. free couscous for everybody! so much of it! regards croisés cigarette vendor woman! and an amazing amandine aux framboises tarte in the marais and free'p star stays open til 11 and then sleep and then on sunday i don't remember much more than the ride home. and then we haribosed. and pringled. and megan show/sage...-ed our way to lyon!