i keep almost replying to e-mails. aside from those people who need repeated prodding and even blunt accusations of rudeness or coldhearted abandon (boys), my friends (girls) are pretty great e-mailers! but then i sit, inevitable at the IEP computer lab, contacts and/or hair drying, and i can't think of anything to really say. not that surprising. but just as well, because it's thanksgiving! i get a few more days of respite! because most of my friends are at their houses (or at my house! hi hanseul and fam!) enjoying great warm food and warm radiators and the...superbowl? i don't remember. some kind of football happens on thanksgiving, right? in my house, i'm sure it will be the hot new korean video wonder. ahh i really wonder what is for thanksgiving dinner chez moi. we will instead have a nice thanksgiving dinner à l'américaine at a restaurant - not a chinese restaurant - and clink glasses, eat turkey aux marrons, etc etc.

i love aggregation! and google!
i feel like all wharton freshmen who go through opim 101 are converted to google after the homework assignment they make us do. T/F?