now in the bright and airy multimedia lounge which is free, free, free! and about to leave since sage is waitin' on me and have lots of errands to run. but again a brioche aux pepites chocolat day (will i never ever resist?) been having vivid dreams from the very beginning. one a few days ago, after our little ladiez night, about getting into a car with a drunk driver...and then yesterday something completely different (poke). and in waking life there are french guys who can't take a hint. and late barefoot nights. and today i woke up just in time (5h40!!) to write my paper on language and symbolic power because i heard my phone beeping with a message from kristen. and record stores...ocean colour scene and badly drawn boy which fits in with this 'about a boy' 'l'éducation d'une fée' theme which is going on. and i'm still in france!