god damn yo, this computer that i use at the internet cafe just does not want to let me use my webmail. erg. but i can still look up recipes (aha, everyone does want chicken and salmon recipes) and umm write this blog, what a sorry excuse for 1.8 euros. in any case, getting slippery and adroit with the french keyboard system. and today i bought bread with hazelnuts in it which went well with my smoked ham and some kind of cheese purchases. i call it, the best sandwich ever made. yay!! and this is the end of my second week here in beautiful and dog infested montpellier. and club infested. when we go out it is just like a serial continuation of our days in classes...the hilarity and skankiness of ILA rendered vibrant during afterhours. and the satisfaction or uncanny disappointments of knowing that my let's go france guide was largely accurate.