so - here i am at my very own library (same way that i say "my restaurant" when i talk about a place i associate myself with, but sounds all doofy and that pastor in pride and prejudice-ish). basically i'm sitting in a carrel in rosengarten, where it's nice, cool, and empty, and surrounded by greenery. gosh, what a crazy ride i had here. the metro in d.c. doesn't open until 8 am, so i tried to catch a cab from foggy bottom to the greyhound station, which is in a bad area of town. two cabbies totally rejected me, and then i was picked up by this really nice guy who explained that it's a bad fare - probably only crossing 2 zones, or something, and that most cabbies out on sunday mornings are looking for airport fares. but he got me to the semiscary station, and then i prepared for the usual terrible greyhound service. it's almost worth the misery and shock of dealing with the people at greyhound because it's like, surreal! ugh. their job seems to be to maintain a shoddy and demoralizing rapport with the customer, much as cvs is allegedly supposed to look messy and disorganized. and then the bus smelled of shit because i guess they hadn't cleaned out the restroom, and etc etc. i tried to sleep on the bus but only just doze fitfully and apprehensively. thinking about situations and how/whether i can resolve them, as various cities, rivers, and industrial complexes swum in and out of view. finally got to philly, started walking in the wrong direction, grabbed a dunkacchino (great value for the money!) and strolled around a little bit. now i think i'll leave my little arctic incunabulum (totally wrong but i'm not sure of the word i'm actually looking for) and head to meet katy. who's getting married. in less than a month!