the era of lists takes off again, many thanks to my planner which is so so suited for a listful lifestyle
habits i have taken to:

  • biting my nails

  • wearing eye makeup badly

  • disagreeing for the hell of it

  • quietly singing songs while walking from the bus stop to my door

  • thinking that reading through my website would be drearily helpful and at least maybe i'd get out of this seasonal vicious cycle

  • resenting the brashly fash shriek-laugh officemates behind me

  • wondering, with vicky, where the days of being egregiously gregarious have gone

  • and when people started using the word 'random' so much

because it is just a few things which seem to rule my life. being an aries. having big thighs [thanks suchee]. the regression to sad-eyed silence. the refusal to believe in cause and effect. and subsequently, lazy day dreamin'.

what i've learned since being here: vanguard has low expense ratios. mutual fund symbols end in 'x'. i've not listened to this much classical music in a long long time. i like to learn by doing. serve from left, clear from right? flaunt the green tea. wait until people are really, really done with their food.

wishlist item du jour: seersucker suit...