penn cards lost this weekend: 2

haha, that was such a self-effacingly trite title, but true and yes i am a college statistic!

bring on the lightning! the thunder. nothing so exciting as heat lightning in the almost summer.

"let the tigers come with their claws."
"there are no tigers on my planet," the little prince corrected her gently.

and, something about when i put my hair in a head'band' that makes me look like a burgher from the low country. unfortunately.

today is the post-fling sunday. i had to wake up at 8:45 to go to my english professor's (chaim potok's daughter!...whoa...) house in beautiful lower merion. or narbeth. which was sunny, garden vegetable spreadable, yummy olives and dates...on and on. and now i know the secret to achieving orgasm. because it has to do with my paper (desire - the drive to transgressbodilyborders). GREAT!

mom was here for but a few fleeting moments. i wish and hope that one day we'll live in a city together because she never looks as complete and integral, organic as when she's walking down a city street. and yet i had the temerity to warn her against walking in west philly at night. hmmmph it is but filial piety i will insist.

hanseul also came and although i lost COMPLETELY the fling tickets i bought, hopefully we managed to have a decent time. by penn standards?

this is a fairly direct entry which i am down with. because it is almost the summer.