my inability to study in my room is obvious, well-documented, and completely detrimental to everything in my life. i don't even ... look at new websites for the most part just aerate old material. eg, begging lisa tonight to update her weblog. whooo!

so a few things i should write down:
  • i feel reallly really fat, and i think i need to drink more water to feel less fat. like, i can't traverse short distances without dreaming of some promised land/couch/bed. what IS that?!
  • this is danah's livejournal ... erg will add to links page soon ... take the russian composer test! i'm igor stravinsky... >:^(
  • i might update the design on this site, i know i've been putting it off but i finally d/led some dreamweaver help. so, [ball starts rollin]...
  • aNOTHer depressing thing is - reading old entries and for the exact opposite reasons i think. for most of the beginning of the year i was struggling to convince myself that i could not be happy due to a variety of own faults and other people's nasty exploitation of said faults. and it comes through pretty well i think. maybe on a lunar schedule [mmm YOU know what i mean...outlaw :^D] but - what i realize now is that no one can protect me from myself.
  • therefore i can worry about my detachment, my continual doubt and denials and deaf ears all i want. but hopefully, just on the inside.