mm been rather a long time but not as long as SOME!! whatever, so sitting here under the influence of 1/2 of my allotted meds for the day. waiting and thrilling to the sight of the 5:40 sunlight coming from the...west! hey that's right. and there is on my desk 3 bottles of lotion, 2 glasses for OJ, one carton of OJ, cabaret crackers (really crisp and creamy no lie) and half a cello bridge, books on borders, ricola wrappers. quelle slobbery! i like the sight too of planes nonchalantly sidling across the sky on clear days. anyway so what. yesterday night was our recital and my critique, we went home for the weekend, and before that i really should have written so i'd know how to reflect upon it now. anyway. playing with dreamweaver but might take a nap. who the hell am i writing for, anyway?!?