well, whatever. tonight jayon, veronica and i 'catered' the cassatt quartet's recital. the punchline all throughout preparing it and foisting it down to amado was that 'haha it would be funny if the music dep't had a reception already.' but we assumed not, because as we have been told so often and so bruisingly there is no money for such tomfoolery and crudité. so. of course there WAS a reception planned in the music building. and then we 'folded' our reception into theirs only to find 5 small paper bowls of barsnacks, some pintbottles of water and two bottles of acidic wine. and all these old people, with crazy hair, sha na na.

and now my eighth grade fears and dreams are confirmed. i take this pleasure in domestic work (despite oaths to the contrary). a cinderella complex for sure. cutting fruits and vegetables [assuming a first state of cleanliness and loneliness]...ahhh bliss. and even seeing grime and hair wipe away from our bathroom sink. maybe i can destine myself to a life of workers' hands.

one more thing although there is plenty else buzzing 'round my brain tonight i think. oh word we went on this awesome field trip today! gosh...
but the thing was - irritability. i could or should time these fits of temper and scowlies and generally an insouciant abandon of politeness to everyone except strangers (to whom, oddly, i overcompensate with the many smiles of my making). why is this? i don't know.