chang chang changity chang zoobop (or someting) or, notes for living
the difference between 'california' and the 'east coast' is - old territory. :^D as in, the territory of the great gatsby or something.
a) 'california'
b) 'east coast'
1) the yearnings for something beyond apparent perfection
2) the resignment to what is already diminishing and...? (life)
(also the colors are quite different? buk buk...)

what girls like to hear: "oh she is waay too skinny." that thing where the eyelashes grow into the eye, that is true = trichiasis. so, it's completely legit. so much for my cynicism >:^( how sad.
"how come i don't have this disease?!"
[mother kicks me in shin]

ahem yes...i dreamt last night that my hyacinths revived under the diligent ministrations of sunlight and very sparing waterings. does my hair look better up or down?