those movies that you and i (and everybody else?) play in our heads. i think a few days ago i read a reference in 'written on the body'. so don't worry. no need for marist/yankelovich. here's what i sit down to watch these days - the same as always - intern syndrome for jd salinger, jesus, whoever. to retreat completely and brightly. someone talked about disdain recently? disdain? yes? of other people? when i was nine: "she doesn't tolerate fools easily".

instead, to stop negating myself when i hear people talking. stop fading myself into backgrounds with a sore and lagging heart. my comfort zone is the space under, in back of, walking away. what i used to be. what i hate. a show off. anyone who realizes that they exist.

with todd- ideas for KSA events this year:
eyelid taping day
East vs West (coast) Korean War
kimchi making 101