trying to think of what i can be accused of. first of all, maybe having decided to dispense with the cultural the political the environmental and concentrate solely on the personal. inevitable response is "yeah where personal equals YOU!" :^P :^P :^{ hmm. suddenly a great tiredness or longing to be in the dark. it's so hot. but happy to be alive and in love etc! how people act and smile and see around them, that is happy.

oy...recordkeeping. today we went to see maneesh's show, the fajita monologues, lisa and i fell hard (and wet :^P) for the group's musical director. it's cliche right to fixate on the sparkling star of a boys' a cappella group and groupie him and have him sign your chest. yeah cliche :^) and i handed in my marketing case today. it made me realize more than ever how reluctant i am ever to assume anything. what a little empiricist i imagine myself to be. not trusting anything or anyone that isn't somehow codified into stasis, which is another part of it. believing in infinite change and chaos far above sequentiality and cause and effect. is this just my wordbag definition of being extremely credulous? gullible? 'random' as it were? but yes. i can believe in anything. is that too much to ask?

okay, no idea what i just wrote there, really, but maybe it's time to sleep...oh yeah and retrieved cello from clutches of helmuth keller & sons. yeah!