staring at fields of excel spreadshot numbers again. there's some kind of smell in my room which is making me crazy nauseous, and it really is the smell, and not the 20 chicken nuggets in 15 minutes from 12 hours ago. i hope. it seems almost dangerous to eat that much MDM in a short period of time, but then all those sauces were SO. so i hope it's just some smell. i think it's the smell. and the numbers.

today i heard miss fat booty twice! once was this cute remix on wkdu and then as i was walking back from houston hall, the straight version on power 99. i like it because it makes me walk like a bitch. whenever i study, it feels like fun. what a shame that i'm only beginning to exploit the novelty of studying. what a shame. failing finance. what a shame. what a shame. [groan].

and since yesterday i have made quite a few beaded necklaces and one beaded bracelet. yesterday being veronica's birthday, haste was required on my long overdue masterbeading plan. and voila! in the hours immediately following v's birthday day dave serenaded and i beaded/helped serenade her to sleep (after a long rtl study session it seems...the life of BBB.)

lately also feeling built to spill. fly around my pretty little miss! back to the weibull-gamma, aka, "don't mind if i do!"
i planned my school supplies pretty well. because now all i have left is most of my kogepan pens and bmps (bic mechanical pencils). again, "don't mind if i do!"