boys' hair smells like macaroni and cheese in the hours and days after not being washed, and that's very nice. it's true but not widely known because boys don't want to smell other boys' hair and most girls don't want to smell more than one boy's hair. maybe? but it doesn't really matter.

today was the last day of classes, not that our 'reading days' (i think just like our dormitories and 'such', merely a cheap ripoff of legitimate schools' exam prep period, we might as well have called them like...resnet exploration festival) won't be more stress than all the classes put together. ook. frustrated at my dumbness and lack of incisive ability to do accounting homework or fin problem sets or find the perfect desktop wallpaper. or find enough quarters for fauxhandwash. oh this inertia!

oh and also, finely and deeply wounded/perplexed. because i know 2 people here outside of community hrn45. certain people i see here are so pleasingly like this: significantly ironic glances, leather jackets, greasy hair and glassy personalities. teehee in three words - "the strokes syndrome". so lovable somehow, though. and what i am tired of around me "culturally", i won't go into. certain playlists. certain shoutouts. certain shoe sizes. these years i think i will be more familiar with hi fives and flipflops, conditioned hair and the boring apparences of intimacy. and therefore perpetually stylistically disenfranchised. but i'm not complaining! "very happy these days". and i can roll wif dat. :^D

pcms recital wednesday at 8, do come!

that picnic blanket
rumpled from the sunny day
and warm to our heads