"life is full of surprises" = one of my cousin hansu's favorite american idioms. when things were going funnily in downtown seoul, we would just look at one another and say that in a very eagle-fm voice. "life is full of surprises." even if it weren't particular apropos we would start laughing. and so it is! i was pre-napping and thinking warm thoughts when doretta came in and before i knew it, i was playing basketball for the huntsman 5 on 5 :^P i even scored points! (2) but we lost. i even was doubleteamed by twin lisa freshmen! but we lost. now, though, in my new room configuration, which is not really L-shaped (i'm moving ooonnnn) but incorporates more of a nook element. and seemingly some space opened up, so i'm happy. i still need more things on my walls though. more big chunky things. less trivial stolen things. this is fairly indicative of my whole life, i think. but anyway. looking forward to a quiet and studious night. of course not! but i will have one anyway. rob called this afternoon having gotten a 100 on his chem exam. i have done so poorly on all of my midterms (okay, i wrote it). and now i will study, study, study...it will be so unglamorous, and so ivory tower, and maybe it will pay off. we none of us can make excuses anymore. where "we none of us" = me. i realized that i can't make an ADD-adjusted GPA. so i won't. because the feeling of complete terror and confusion and loss of part of my heart when i get these midterms back - i should feel it much earlier. like, a week prior to the exam itself, would be nice. teeheehee. the strokes single, last nite? those lyrics throw me into a ditch, i can't deny... :^P

line from anand's new oeuvre:
“I mean that I’m getting the feeling that you’re going to do something that’s at least unhealthy for you, and at worst a capital felony.”
“I’m not that stupid. I think you know that.”

stilted? hilarious? wait and see...