i disciplined my bookshelves and books into a less chicken-little arrangement (not like EVERYthing has ever fallen on my head, but just 40% of things, and it hurts and makes me fear for bookspines) and...i cut nish's hair [whee!] into a funny acceptable hairshape. this is last night. and by this time on wednesday i think i'll be on a train, anxious and sweaty from having galumphed all the way to 30th street with the completely wrong shoes on and the right shoes dangling from my backpack, oy! also maybe a funny acceptable hairshape, the wrong ID to pick up my amtrak tickets...en route to see ben folds and the far matured autumnal tints of potown. otherwise i have no idea what is going on around me, quite. but sleep is the new status. i put v's speakers and subwoofer up and down and they're completely distracting and nice. i want to watch amelie before i stop wanting to watch it.

in the style of a 2000 sticker:
pinky pacts + high fives = determination! change of life! graduation!
boo + shortypie = er...shorty boo pie (forever! style) :^D

this dream i had last evening that i took my left eyeball out for some reason [something with my contact, i ostense] and then was like "fucckkkkk. optic nerve. blindness. this better be a dream" and it was, but i woke up to my 5 o'clock and a dark outside world and thought it was 5 am and that i would have a stroke then and there. for some reason. these DREAMS lately. maybe they have something to do with sleeping. in class. alllllwaaaays.

oh - curtis last friday, maybe, and so so so brainstoppingly impressive and good. kind of embarrassing, but it wasn't readily apparent to me until kind of recently, the exact difference between classical musical structural forms. and between students and music students and real people, also.

and yeah how every semester has an academic leitmotif or at least, all my classes deal with this one thing at least once, and then i start applying it to my LIFE and it gets pretty messy - at any rate this time it's the weighted average!