The End of the Internet

Remember this old DirecTV commercial about the end of the internet?  It's amazing. 

I do remember those glory days of the internet, when it actually felt like it might be possible to reach the end.  The look on that guy's face is entirely accurate to what such an accomplishment would do to someone physically.

Anyway - such a funny internet road has just brought me to a compendium of watercolor information on a site called Handprint, which is unmaintained as of 2014 or so, but holds such a wealth of fussily worded, querulously mined knowledge that I actually thought about printing pages out and reading them that way.  Just as with the seed collecting blog I posted about earlier - these days, even the most toothsome information has a hard time penetrating my brain, if not presented in a chic, scrollable, square format.  Ah...

I originally was just trying to cross-check some paint brands that Satsuki Shibuya (a total hero to me right now, both in terms of her tenacious and inspired approach and how lovely she seems as a person!) had mentioned that she uses on a Periscope broadcast (how's that for internet?!)  Unlike all the teachers I've been studying with, she liked two that I'd never heard of: Schminke and M. Graham.  

An internet search for "comparison of watercolor brands" unsurprisingly led me to WetCanvas, itself an insanely unflashy relic of the web 1.0.  And from there, a post on a forum board led me to Handprint.  Whew.  

Rainy (still!) Friday night on the internet - what can I say.