Rainy Days

One of the best things about not having an office job to go to is being able to enjoy staying at home on a rainy day.  It's been a gloomy, rainy week this whole week, although in this early part of spring grey days feel more like an investment than a punishment.

I went outside to plant some seeds I didn't get around to last year - Hudson Valley Seed Library's North East Native Mix, Starflower, and some coxcomb celosia seeds that I scrounged from a cutting last year.  Planting them in the plastic planters we have on the balcony seems so paltry.  When a seed packet directs you to 'scatter seeds' and your motion is similar in size and scope to salting your dinner plate, you remember the limitations of city life.  

Still - it's lovely to have a 'bit of earth' (if I remember the line from The Secret Garden correctly) to play with, even if it comes in huge dusty bags from Home Depot.  I exulted in sympathy with this article from Fine Gardening about the author's experience in collecting flower seeds - her sense of frugality and openness to surprise shining through.  Even though I can't really be bothered right now to really absorb all she is saying about when and how to properly harvest the seeds from the flowers.  A good read for a stormy day in summer, when this batch of flowers has already sprouted and is in bloom...