Personal Art Museum

A joy filled home is like your own personal art museum (Marie Kondo)

Having become a Kondo acolyte after reading her first book, it was natural that I might be delighted to double down and receive her second book, Spark Joy, as part of a wonderful stack of birthday gifts yesterday.  

With serendipity, I found a quote in Spark Joy that is great fodder for my current brainstorm around creating "aspirational art" - pieces that capture in 2D the essence of things one can't afford in 3D reality.  Or might not want to actually own.

Why merely like on Instagram, or pin on Pinterest, when you can create and lay your hands on a facsimile?

Antique tile; a papery orange poppy; a box full of beautiful ribbons or sharpened colored pencils... still life for the sake of possession, when actual ownership is not possible.