This morning's routine:

I wake up due to the hissing and puffing of my radiator, which generally starts up around 7am and actually rouses me by 7:30am.  My body feels completely desiccated.  This morning in particular, I felt my soul recoiling in terror that I might have a hangover from the 4 beers and 3 tequila shots I had with Luis last night.

The dream that I woke up from was a strange amalgamation of the Sex and the City movie and my work life.  A very plausible one, as it happens.  I dreamt that they were casting Googler extras for a scene taking place in the DVF store (not right across from our office, but close enough) and that I, I would be chosen.  But makeup would have to be applied to make me look "harder".  I gleefully acquiesced and started to dream-move towards the makeup chair, and then I woke up.