What is hilarious is that now when I want to buy a coffee on the way to work, I feel like a total baller. Same goes for not being satisfied with the taste of my toothpaste (Colgate Pro-Health). It's so disgusting! So, maybe I'll buy the toothpaste I really like (AquaFresh EXTREME Clean) and throw away the old one! Adding a bit of whimsy and ne'er may care to my mornings and evenings.

What is strange is that I am really itchy, but only on my arms. First day of freshman year, anybody? Am I stressed out? Allergic to the sun? Aveeno did not save the day this time - I am so disappointed. Is there less oatmeal in it now?

Took a 'superhero' themed class at the gym today and thought that I might die. It was actually a really great class, with the kind of sadistic interval drills that our tkd instructor used to like. "Okay, now pick a partner to kneel on the ground. Next to you. Yeah. Now, you're going to do jumps laterally, back and forth, OVER that person for ... one minute straight. One minute. Go! Faster!, two legs at the same time. Knees up! Okay. Switch."

I had some really amazing "Likity Like" or somesuch low fat alternative from Mary's Dairy (where Lisa and I shared biscotti back in December when I was apartment-hunting) and it was just so delicious. Oh, I don't know.