The Lapp of Luxury

The sun is up
I'm so happy I could scream
And there's nowhere else in the world I'd rather be
Than here with you - it's perfect
It's all I ever wanted (oh!)
I almost can't believe that it's for real
So pinch me quick
-The Cure

Didn't this album seem like an anomaly?

I bought a daybed for my tiny room today - it's shabbily chicily (favorite adverbs much? not much in fact) white wood from West Elm.

It's so great! If maybe only because my queen-sized futon fits it to a mystic T. It's supposed to "take" a twin-sized mattress, which I thought that I would conjure up somehow. Instead, though, the extra queeniness of my futon folds up perfectly in the back (or side), rendering it more couchy. Not something I'm explaining adequately.

Happy Lunar New Year! It already feels momentous to be turning 24 this year. At 12, I was probably even more startlingly awkward (and not at all in an exquisite, long-limbed or coltish way) and sullen than I am today. Maybe this will be the year for some late blooming. Like, sometimes I listen to myself laughing and wonder who I think I am.

Jenn and I watched Avenue Montaigne on Friday night and attendant was the trailer for The Namesake. Of course my eyes fill with tears whenever I see anything with immigrants. Yes, even trailers. After having semi-stalked Mira Nair at that New Yorker event last year with Sara, and even having grudgingly read the book (I read The Interpreter of Maladies first, and I found it to be a huge bummer) and then having enjoyed it, totally sans grudge - I am so excited to see the movie! Jacinda Barrett, why are you the only remnant of Real World London that is left to us? I mean, wow, talk about 12 years ago. As in, I bought a "centennial edition" of The Fountainhead this week for no reason that I can yet discern.

Note: trimmed my bangs today.

To conclude - if I weren't supposed to be working right now, I think I'd start to look into the 12ishness of the Chinese calendar. Somehow it seems far more fitting than base 10. Or decades. To work!