Pesto Change-o!

I finally used the 'food processor' part of my blender / food processor today to make some pesto! For some reason, they had huge cheap bunches of basil at the supermarket, which I initially bought to make this: Spicy Chicken and Basil Stir-Fry.

Outcome? Somehow whenever I try to make Thai food, the fish sauce taste comes out really hostile. I don't know, maybe it's the brand? This dish was no exception. Sigh ... nothing will ever taste as 'good' as Thai Village, will it?

Anyway, I then decided to use the leftover basil to make pesto. Because, it is supposed to be super easy to make, according to such eminent authorities as Lisa B., and who doesn't love pesto?

Outcome? This time maybe I can blame the Parmigiano Reggiano in the can (albeit an eco-friendlyish can from Whole Foods). Too salty and um, pesante tasting. Too bad! Although I think it'll taste okay with pasta. Mmmm...remember pasta?

Oh, I'm forgetting the whole reason I wanted to post on a random Monday night. Anyone want to MOVE to New York?!? Just kidding. I know none of the five people who read this want to move to New York. Am I moving to New York? Maybe, maybe not, maybe whatever :^)