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Shopping Blog, Part II

Foremost, an I Ching shoutout. I think it does a good job of expressing the ebb and flow that is at the heart of the J. Crew women's sale site.

Because, the Charlie coat that I bought went on super sale to $99. Words will not express. I was debating getting another one in camel, but everything sold out. Prudence got the best or worst of me. I mean, would it be Jackie Kennedy-esque or simply compulsive to buy two identical coats in different colors? Would it have been so bad to shiver through that one cold week in November? And the early morning at Woodbury?

Another sad or inevitable sign of change - I ordered this suit jacket (in black) to replace the one that I lost at the West End back in the spring. And, I'm a size 2 in J. Crew suit jackets. But, apparently not this (highly tailored) one! Because it's a lil snug. More motivation for this big loser!

Holiday party on Saturday! And, this is a little presumptuous, but if you have some doubts about the firmth of your upper arms at your holiday party, look no further.