If I am guilty of solipsism
(and who isn't), (and I am),
this is the nature of it:
I've always assumed that you could understand exactly what I was saying,
Even as I said something else.

Before driving back home tonight
(the cold nights of fall in the Northeast),
I cleared the fogged windshield using my old car's wipers,
not bothering with the rear,
just driving through the dark on deserted roads.
Looking ahead.

When I said,
"I want to start playing the piano again",
maybe I meant "I'm sick of growing up".

Was "I can't see this going anywhere" really
"I wish you could fix this relationship"?

"I like those shoes",
"but not your face" "(or anything else about you, I guess)".

Didn't you hear the echoes?

Ate at Cho Dang Gol and went to see the Philharmonic with Manoj and Kenny today - Shosty! I was excited to see Lynn Harrell, but to be honest I found his performance a little bloodless. Perfunctory?

Then ran into Marissa and Zach on the train home. It's always nice to share that special trip with friends!