things i miss abt korea

all the time i find myself saying to a largely indifferent audience, "it's like that time in korea when..."

maybe it's time to share my list of things i loved about korea.

  • you can charge your cell phone at almost any convenient store.
  • yuk-gye-jang for hangovers.
  • gye-ran cho-rim.
  • melona bars.
  • how i'm watching the korean news right now, and they just wrapped up with a story completely devoted to meh-gi-tang.
  • how you can e-mail a news reporter because they include their e-mail addresses in their signon

there were other things but i don't feel like consulting the written list that i compiled in a desperate attempt at optimism.

you can tell someone's korean because of they always (not ineffably) look as though they're eagerly awaiting failure.

this weekend included a hangover, free medium pizza with purchase of beer, "veselka!", old age = the silent killer, amazing prosciutto/garlic butter hors d'oeuvres and CAKE (i almost forgot about the cake...but how could i? it was soo good) and drinking in the wonders of "parental control".

i also lost my cellphone.

i do have an idea for a short story. maybe inspired by an old nylon article about maggie gyllenhaal that mentioned the lack of good roles for young actresses. i can't think of much yet except (somewhat lamely) no dialogue and maybe a rearview mirror.